Cyber protected IoT platform 

For the industrial IoT segment (IIoT)

Using wireless public spectrum radio

The Need


  • The IoT market is highly fragmented with too many separate non-standardized IoT products.


  • There is no consensus on how to implement security in IoT devices.


  • Lack of transport encryption .The communication transport layer of most IoT products is not encrypted although it transmits data of sensitive nature

25 Billion connected IoT units by 2020

Market potential

By 2020 - $7 Billion IOT revenue

Source: IHS

Source: IDC

The Team

Shlomi Erez  - CEO and Founder

Shlomi brings extensive operational, managerial and international business experience, as a senior officer, leading large technical projects within security industries, and the offices of the Prime Minister, initiating international ventures. He holds a B.A. in economics and LL.B. in law and he is a certified lawyer.

Eliezer (Eli) Sheffer CTO & Founder

Experienced in building high-tech start-up companies from scratch in the last 25 years. Earlier, he worked for IBM, Ademco and Base10 Telecom, and  foundedTrackMobile, all USA-based.He holds 11 patents, 4 pending ones including that of ESquare. Degrees in Electrical Engineering (Bs.c&Ms.c) and Ms.c Management from N.Y.U. Eli served as a technical officer at the elite unit of 8200.

Aviel Sela VP of Engineering& Co-Founder

Aviel brings with him over fifteen years of product development, sales and Engineering mgt. experience in the fields of IOT, Smart Cities and Telecom systems. Aviel holds a B.Eng with Honors Degree In Electrical Eng.

Our Solution

  • Cellular-based  2G, 3G and 4G not point-to-point (IOT) oriented

  • Proprietary mesh: If IOT, most likely not cyber or physical protection

  • LORA &Sigfox – new technologies implementing AES256  with minimum capabilities

  • Cellular-based 5G, not available yet and when it does, it will require more base stations and additional frequency spectrum requiring new semi-conductors mfg. Nothing is known about Latency parameters, nor cyber security capabilities

A Universal and generic wireless platform enabling a quick time-to-market for organizations needing to have a stationary or mobile IIoT application such as:

  • Integrated Smart Grid platform measuring power consumption every minute, no matter where and no matter when such power consumption takes place, early alert of utilities before a transformer overload or regional / total blackout occur.

  • Autonomous, or other cars inter-communications

  • Electric car battery charging platform using standard electrical outlet

  • Paradigm shift buildings and home security platform

  • Critical industrial management such oil, chemical and pharma

  • Others

Competing Solutions

Esquare's platform is a complete solution in a single package (secured IIoT network against physical and data attacks), enables customers to develop their custom-made applications, exactly as they want it, in the fastest time-to-market, with some truly compelling advantages:​
  • Out-of- Band architecture makes it possible to solve the most difficult IOT issue, that of connecting different types and models of devices together; it’s very difficult because these typical devices, (sensors, switches, sluices) “talk” different “language”, but Esquare architecture does not care since it serves as a “translator” without any additional hardware or software, it’s built-in the platform.
  • Everyone talks about Cyber and IOT, these are buzzwords and most of us don’t understand the general concept or the nuances. It turned out that actually, cyber security is not as good as it was suppose to be, for various reasons, some of which are quoted here by three Israeli experts on IOT and cyber, but there many other experts, worldwide, that fear that IOT security is not solid and future cyber attacks on critical industrial infrastructures is going to be painful and costly. Esquare platform, however, guarantees the absolute protection against cyber attacks by offering the most secured encryption; that can’t be broken under any circumstance, all built-in within the platform without any extra hardware.
  • The Esquare platform checks all device status every minute, meaning that we know, for sure, whether any device, or the total system, is or isn’t working all the time; reliability of such capability should not be taken for granted. We all are aware of Murphy’s Law which “makes sure” that whenever we need the “thing” to work best, it fails; well, we avoid it. Additionally because we know what’s happening every minute we can accurately forecast an upcoming “bad” or “good” event, and we can guess that correctly way before it actually happens. Talk to electric utilities how critical is that capability to stopping Blackouts
  • IOT and IOT routing scheme, what does it actually means? It means the actual “mechanism” of connecting devices together in any possible ways and conditions. How do we really do this and still allow for flexibility in changing these connections and conditions, easily and quickly. It turned out that the Esquare platform enables even a Non-programmer person to use simple “language of signs and forms” to build a plan quickly and reliably for any device connections and conditions with unlimited possibilities.
  • There are many more similarly compelling capabilities Esquare platform delivers, but we would rather not overwhelm you and would suggest calling us for the whole scoop.

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