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Our mission is to empower municipal authorities, and asset managers in their digitalization transformation to improve traffic management of terrestrial and above (2/4 wheels and drones).

Esquare’s Tracer platform provides -fast deployment with instant range of proactive services that maintain traffic flow and prevents congestion.
The vision is to create a better living experience by designing a seamless platform leading to the autonomous driving revolution as well as future air vehicles. 

Our Current objective is to mitigate traffic congestion, improve traffic flow, parking and all other remaining issues managing traffic in cities with better cost-effective solutions.



A single global universal platform, the Tracer, managing Metropolitan and its environs total traffic issues such as traffic flow levels, parking difficulties, traffic lights causing congestion and identify multi -riders vehicles sharing public lanes legally.


The Tracer is based on a unique network architecture, covering an entire Metropolitan area with no infrastructure whatsoever and minimal usage of cellular networks, capable of the huge number of cars transmitting their mobile status simultaneously every few minutes to the platform database. where data is processed in real-time and an advanced AI algorithms, provides predictive analysis and delivers messages, alarms and alerts directly to driver’s mobile display in real-time.

the Tracer is the ultimate solution for municipalities to handle future growth of both automobiles and air traffic.

The Team

Mr. Shlomi Erez - CEO. Over 20 years of senior positions in product definition,

development and deployment in elite unit of prime minister’s office .


Mr. Eli Sheffer - CTO. Over 30 years in complex platforms, invention, developing and deploying disruptive technologies such as Pre-GPS technology, shipping containers tracking, exploiting cellular networks signaling transparently to send unlimited data messages at no cost, wireless based systems, sophisticated Smart Grid, home, and perimeter monitoring and protection design ((using AI), as well as field testing and deployment. about 20+ patents granted.


Mr. Aviel Sela – COO. with Over 20 years of experience in various engineering design positions , product management of Smart city and IoT technologies sales and business deployment to international markets.


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